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February 22, 2014

Big Snow and a Whole Lot of Cold

While most of the time I love Wisconsin, this winter has been very trying on my patience.  Not only is this the worst winter I've ever had with seasonal affective disorder, we have had more below zero temps than I can remember in any one season.  Last summer was the shortest growing season on record because of how late spring came.  I'm praying this year isn't the same story, but, wow, do we have a lot of snow on the ground!  The snow banks at the end of our driveway are taller than our SUV!  6+ feet!
Good grief.  Wake me when its over.
The cold has also been slowing down my resin crafting.  Cold resin = micro bubbles because the viscosity is way high when cold.  There is a warming technique that involves a warm water bath for the resin bottles, but the last time I tried that it didn't end well.  I ended up pitching a smoking, melting plastic cup of resin into a snow bank.  Hahaha! 

January 15, 2014

I've Been Away....

It's been a while, internet!  How's it hangin?  I've been preoccupied and haven't given my blog much love, but I will try to put more of an effort in to keeping this updated.  I really do love what I've set up here and want to keep it going.
Well, the last post I made was about my changing craft space.  Here is a video of the finished product!

April 6, 2013

Studio Update Pictures

Still a way to go with getting everything done and organized, but here is my studio/office in process!  All the cabinets are up on the wall - YAY!  Now more of my supplies and stuff will have a new permanent home.  The cabinets still need painting, the counter tops need to be laid and some misc tool and spool holders need to be installed, but it is finally coming together!

My resin casting now has it's own workspace!  Formica still to be added.
Upper Cabinet for all of my molds and lower for supplies and curing resin.

Double cabinet and counter for my beading area.  Dedicated space for supplies and projects!
Trying to make it work during the construction.

Getting better!  Will be able to move my laptop back in soon!