October 24, 2012

First Wanelo Sale!

This morning I'm celebrating the first sale I've made from direct traffic from Wanelo! I have thought that Pinterest would be the site pointing people my way, but it turns out all I usually get re-pinned over there is recipes! Wanelo is definitely geared more to the shopper and Pinterest more to the DIY/thrifty types. Well, at least that's what the users have decided anyway. I try to put at least a few of my new items over there a couple times a month. Although it seems like I've been doing the Etsy thing forever, it has only been since February. I have to say I'm pleased with where I am and hope it keeps ramping up! Jewelry is a hard thing to sell on Etsy as there are approx. 3.4 million pieces other crafters/designers are trying to sell! If you keep that in mind, I'm honored anyone has found my items, AND thought enough of them to buy them. I've come to find the best things you can do over there are: knowing and implementing good SEO to every item, and, promote, Promote, PROMOTE! Here is a link to my profile on Wanelo. Check out the site if you haven't already. It's nearly as addictive as Pinterest!


October 21, 2012

And Even More to the Reward....

Well if my last entry wasn't enough to make you cry, the saga continues.  Here is the email I received from the woman who bought the Mary medal for her mother....I hope she doesn't mind me copying this, but it is just such a wonderful story it deserves to be shared.

Here it is:

~ What a "Wonderful"surprise.....
Thank you so much....You have to know that you made my mom's heart smile today.
I first have to tell you what happened right before I went out to get todays mail.
I was sitting at the dining room table, mom was on the couch, crocheting, she says to me, what is that nice scent....smells like wood. I went over near to her and did notice a scent of what smelled like fresh cut wood.
See my dad was a carpenter......yeah....so I said..."dads in the house".....she smiled and said....wow, its strong!!!!
Well, we absorbed the moment and gave each other a hug.....
I now went to get the mail.......
We received the package, I hardly could control myself. I brought it over to my mom and sat down next to her.
I asked her if she remembered what had just happened and she said "yeah...dads in the house".....I said...."He really is here with us mom, and he wants you to have this"
Wendy I had to share this with you, because no matter the miles between people, there is a force that connects us all...If people could only realize this, the world would be a happier place.
Mom looked at the box and in wonderment said,"He wants me to have this?"  I watched, as she carefully took the box out of that heavenly sack. She kept looking at me and then the box, her eyes were showing wonder....as she lifted the cover off and slowly took out the cushioning from around her surprise, her eyes filled with the biggest tears I have ever seen. She looked at me,then the medal and said...."Thanks babe!!!".....{directed to my dad}
I told her how I found your shop and she said...tell her THANK YOU......
You are a thread in the quilt...........God Bless you and those you Love......You made two hearts really happy today!!!!Thank You bunches. You're a gem!!!!

Wow!  Such a powerful thing!  The string of emails to follow were so powerful to me personally that they have actually made me question my belief in a higher power.....and helped to restore my faith in humanity.  I have always believed in "something" bigger than me, I mean, how can you not?  There are just too many things that can't be completely coincidental in life.  But this.....just wow.  It turns out I got something from these women that I too needed - some loving light in a very dark place that I had slipped into.

I now know why I HAD to buy that medal.  It was meant for this lady's mom, and it was meant to come from me.  I was meant to learn something from the whole thing.

So.  Was it the Virgin Mary that was giving me the message, this learning experience?  I had been fascinated with her image for months before any of this happened, and in my heart I think I know.

Make that three hearts happy, Therese.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

October 8, 2012

Unexpected Rewards (The Best Kind)

I just sold this vintage Catholic miraculous medal to a woman who is buying it as a gift for her mother. Her dad, who passed away 2 years ago, gave one of these just like this to her mom 64 years ago on their wedding day. Her mom lost the medal 20 years ago. My buyer bought it as a surprise, and I have no doubt her mother will love it.

I like my profit, but I think I love this story more ♥