January 14, 2013

Studio Improvements

Over the next several weeks, my step-dad will be doing great things in my studio.  New cupboards, counter tops, storage....it will be a mess for a while, but it will be so worth it to have everything organized and easier to work with.  I'm planning at least three different work areas to keep my different crafts to their own areas, with proper room to store and use the tools and materials they require.

I will post photos of the progress as it happens :)

It's Official! I've Got Myself a Business!

Who has two thumbs and has her own LLC?  That's right, >this chick<!!

I went for simplicity for the official name, Aquarian Mind, LLC.  Has a nice ring to it, huh?  Well, I think so and couldn't be happier.  This is truly a "YAY!" accomplishment for me!  Step one in building my "empire" is complete, hahaha!!!

Guess I better brush up on those accounting skills I've ignored for the last six months being "unemployed"!  I'm thankful for the background in accounting and small business management I've had for the last seventeen years, and will definitely put it to use!